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Goldfarm Canada is a small, family-run vertical farm specializing in microgreens and edible flowers. We take great care in our growing methods so that we can ensure you are getting the freshest, most delicious product possible. All delivered straight to you within hours of harvest.

Jacob Goldfarb


Owner: Jacob Goldfarb

I started Goldfarm Canada in 2019 after discovering the benefits of microgreens - both their delicious, fresh flavours, and their incredible nutritional value. Having worked for over a decade in the restaurant industry, and then several years obtaining Horticulture and Sustainable Urban Agriculture certifications, my passion is not just eating food, but growing it as well. 

Natural and fresh food is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle, and so our mission is to grow high quality, nutritious produce, while engaging and being part of the local community. We want to promote wellness and nutrition, and our focus is sustainable and socially responsible farming.

Microgreens Guelph

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