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About us

Goldfarm Canada is a family-run vertical farm specializing in microgreens, specialty produce, and edible flowers. We take great care in our growing methods and harvesting processes so that we can ensure our clients get the most flavourful greens with the longest shelf life. Goldfarm grows the broadest selection of microgreens in Ontario, and we are constantly striving to expand our product offerings.


President & Chief Grower : Jacob Goldfarb

My passion for food started when I spent over a decade as a cook in various kitchens across Canada before it shifted into a love of farming. I obtained certificates in Horticulture and Sustainable Urban Agriculture, which led to my discovery of indoor, vertical farming and eventually to microgreens and edible flowers. The greatest asset I bring to Goldfarm is a synergy between culinary principles and knowledge of plants; I enjoy collaborating with chefs to help them being their creative visions to the table.


Bespoke Offering


Vertical Farming


Custom Mixes

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How to get in touch:

 Phone or text: (416) 573-6160 

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